Our Wedding was spectacular. We planned our wedding for almost a year. Lana’s catering team was very helpful and the arrangements they made were done within our budget and with such great taste. They gave me options yet helped steer me in the right direction so I wasn't so overwhelmed. We received many compliments on the Chicken Kiev. Also, we wanted to compliment the servers—they had a perfect balance of friendliness and professional demeanor, they were awesome! Everyone at the reception raved about how fantastic everything was.

Plan of Action:

Natalia and Sergei told us that they were expecting 150 people and wanted a beautiful wedding. We quickly devised a plan based on their specific needs, budget and traditions. Newlyweds needed a venue that accepted alcohol served at the guest’s tables, delicious menu with a friendly staff, decorations, party utensils, Russian speaking DJ, a Minister of their belief, photographer and a videographer to suit their budget.


Most of the venues around Washington Metropolitan area require a separate bar to serve alcohol, which our newlyweds did not like. We helped them find a venue where alcohol was allowed to be served at the guest’s tables. The venue that we found was not overly expensive and beautiful at the same time, situated in the heart of Rockville, Maryland.

Menu with a friendly staff:

Our newlyweds wanted a delicious and beautiful menu that would fit their budget. We agreed on preparing 1 appetizer: Stuffed Crepes, 2 hot entrees: Chicken Kiev and Grilled Salmon, 3 salads: Herring in Sheepskin Coat, Sunflower Salad, and Shrimp Salad, the wedding cake and assorted non-alcoholic beverages.

Our highly trained staff arranged the rent and the delivery of the party utensils, flowers, setup the tables, chairs and helped with decorations on time for the wedding. All the food was brought in right after the ceremony, so the food stayed hot at the reception when people started eating. We had 7 servers to accommodate the needs of 150 guests. Each server was accommodating 2 tables of 20 guests.

Once the wedding was over, our staff took care of the cleaning of the venue and returning of the party utensils to where they were rented.


Natalia and Sergei had mostly Russian speaking guests at their wedding, and they wanted to hire a Russian speaking DJ. They wanted the program to be announced in Russian, and dance to a Russian music. We helped them find a Great Russian DJ that they were very pleased with.


Our newlyweds used our referred Minister, Photographer and Videographer with whom they were also very pleased.