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Every event planner wants to know the final cost of the caterer’s services. Food is one of the most important factors, but there are also other expenses such as staffing, delivery, setup, china services, beverages etc. Here is the break down of the costs associated with any successful event. We strive to do our best to make our clients happy, if there is something that you need and do not see in the list below, be sure to let us know!


Non-Alcoholic Beverage Set-up $3.90 per person: Includes various fountain drinks, soda, various juices, bottled water, various cocktail mixes and the garnishes.

Hot Beverages $1.50 per guest: Thermos jugs, includes hot coffee, hot tea, various creamers and sweeteners.

Ice $0.50 per guest

Tip: Your local liquor store may help you determine how much alcohol you may need for your event.

Delivery, Setup, Pickup, Staffing, and Cleanup

Delivery Only: $20 minimum depending on distance

Delivery, Setup, and Pickup: $140 we will deliver the food and set up the equipment for the event. Once the event is over; we will pick up our company’s equipment.

Staffing: $28 each per hour for Servers, Bartenders, Chefs, and Cleaning staff $40 per hour for Event Captain

Drive time charge per staff member may be applied depending on the location distance.

China and Disposables

China Service: Cost is based on menu which will determine rental costs.

Food and beverage disposables $1.60 per guest: plates, eating utensils, napkins, cups.

Disposable chafers with sterno: $8 for half size
                                                             $13 for full size

Tip: It may be more cost efficient to use a combination of china and disposables (ex. Use china for food and disposables for beverages)

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