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About our Catering Services

Discover the fresh, innovative style of the most popular European and Central Asian eatery. If you have a special occasion to celebrate or a business meeting, our new catering menu offers more to choose from. You will fall in love with the taste Lana’s European and Central Asian dishes prepared from the finest ingredients. We cater all types of events including weddings, graduations, class reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, holiday parties and business meetings.

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Mission Statement

Lana’s Catering mission is to provide the customer with the finest, fresh and delicious food and service. We exist to attract and maintain customers with our service by exceeding expectations of our each and individual client. The mission is not only to have efficient and friendly service, but also to have great tasting food because customer satisfaction is paramount. Employees’ welfare is also equally important to our success. Everyone is being treated fairly and with the utmost respect. We want our employees to feel a part of the success of Lana’s Catering. Happy employees make happy customers.

~We, at Lana’s Catering, as a team provide the finest food and quality service~


Svetlana Pak – Executive Chef

Svetlana has over 20 years of experience in the food and hospitality industry, receiving her culinary training at several leading restaurants in her native country Kazakhstan. In 1995 she opened a restaurant where it was one of the most successful restaurants in town. She created the most creative food ideas, taste and decorations. She worked as an executive Chef and a manager.

In 2000 she moved to Unite States to pursue a personal chef career. She worked for over 7 years as a personal chef for different families and catered all their personal and business events.

After 8 years, she left to pursue her own business, Lana’s Catering. For the past 2 years, Lana’s Catering had been growing and expanding in need of more man power and bigger marketing implementations.


Alexandra Tsoy - Sous Chef

Alexandra’s experience in catering and restaurant began in the early 90's. She worked as a sous chef in a restaurant that was the place to go to in the entire city. In addition to the restaurant she opened a pizzeria being the first person creating pizza in Kazakhstan. Some of the most epicurean people in Kazakhstan came to the restaurant to try the food and the delicious pizza.

After little over 8 years in business, she left to United States to pursue more knowledge in the food industry. She began to work in Japanese restaurant as a sous chef and later on joined Svetlana in the catering to continue the family business which was started back in Kazakhstan.

In all these endeavors, the key issue has always been service. Meeting and exceeding expectations has consistently been the standard Alexandra has achieved and brings to Lana’s Catering.


Marina Tsoy - Manager/Marketing Director

Marina Tsoy had graduated from one of the top business schools, University of Maryland College Park. She had studied management, leadership and marketing as a primary subjects and ready to take this experience to help Lana’s Catering to become one of the finest caterings. As a manager and marketing director, Marina is the head of advertising, sales inquiries, bookkeeping, inventory and hiring.

Marina also worked as a union waitperson for many years in Joe’s Place Pizza and Pasta while she was in school and when she attended the Robert H. Smith program.

In addition, Marina worked for non profit companies, helping planning and organizing big events. She worked with hiring people, managing them and making sure that the event was overall successful.


Lana’s Catering is 100% women owned business.

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